4 Easy-to-grow plants for your Kitchen Garden

4 Easy-to-grow plants for your Kitchen Garden

Making use of available free space in an apartment can have many positives. One of the innovative uses of available space is growing a garden. Allocating a separate space for gardening ensures the growth of lush green pesticide-free leafy veggies and fruits in your unit. On the other side, this small garden setup would reduce the scorching heat during summers and balance temperature inside flats in Chennai. Since this trend of growing organic veggies is slowly catching up among the people of Chennai, here we suggest some of the easy-to-grow plants that can be grown in your garden.

1. Mint:

Mint leaves which are commonly termed as pudina (Mentha arvensis) need only minimal effort for maintenance. This plant can grow well even in indoors and partial sunlight is sufficient.  Water the plant once a day to have a proper growth.

Best known for its cooling properties, mint leaves can be used in a variety of drinks and dishes.

2. Curry leaves:

This plant occupies a permanent place in gardens of South Indian people. Usually, the plant develops into a tree if grown for a longer time and sprouts into fresh, green, aromatic and large curry leaves. This will grow both in indoors and outdoors with even partial sunlight. Have a pot with a small hole at its base to have proper draining of water. Also, water the plant once a day to keep the soil damp.

As a general instruction, pluck the leaves only before using it for cooking to retain the freshness of its aroma.

3. Coriander

Commonly referred as dhaniya (Coriandrum sativum), this plant is chiefly used for garnishing purposes. The flowers of this plant develop into seeds which are also used as a food material. The leaves of the plant have strong aromatic flavors and are used extensively for preparing curries and chutneys.

Unlike other plants, coriander requires full sunlight and the pot should be moist throughout the day.

4. Chilis:

Minimal requirement of water, soil with sufficient nutrients and proper sunshine is essential for proper growth of chilies. Soil needs to be moderately moist to absorb soil nutrients. Chilies in any variant such as green, red, dry or powdered form an integral part of Indian cooking. It augments any normal flavored food to bestow taste.

There will always be free space inside any residential apartments in Chennai that is left unused. Make use of such places to inventively create your own garden space that can be used for your daily cooking. Also check 4 Decisive Factors for Designing Dream Kitchen Interiors

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